Breathing in, I feel my body, Breathing out, I smile.

Big soma yoga dance

At any moment you can be present and awake through movement meditation. SomaYogaDance is a practice to support recovering the intrinsic intelligence of our moving bodies and inner space. 

Through playful embodied dancing ways, participants discover the support of their creative expression and gain an understanding of self regulation. Finding moments of stillness to feel comfortable and inspired by the empty space. We will explore and integrate ways to thread the practice of recharging and centering in daily life to support embodied awareness and presence in our mindful practices and our professional lives.

In life we need to balance between sensing and action. Soft yoga stretches explore being in the body through sensing and experiencing clarity of the form oriented on ease and alignment. While conscious resting stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. The expressive dance is regulating the sympathetic nervous system. Hence we consciously create a balance between active and passivity supporting self-regulation. 

A safe space is created in the group to reclaim your tangible experience of wholeness by finding your humour, flexibility, strength and trusting the natural intelligence of your body. Embodied resources are continuously reestablished to explore and integrate the somatic landscape.

By refreshing our body-mind through awareness, breath and movement we stimulate neuroplasticity (the brains ability to build new pathways and cells) and embrace the present moment. Through natural dance you discover how new movement possibilities can support unlocking habitual holding and to let go of effort in attempting to control change. In this ways we offer “safe” let go ways in these ever moving times. A respectful, caring and witnessing approach to our moving body brings clarity to ourselves on the inside and through this inner contact affects how we can meet and perceive the outer environment. 

Navanita lives what she facilitates through her own embodiment and experience delivering and exploring somatic terrain and meditation. She extracts the essence of embodiment tools-experiential anatomy, somatic movement and touch, embryological and infant movement patterns, natural, creative and meditative dance, conscious playfulness, resourcing tools, Sahaj (natural) yoga stretching and the healing power of emptiness. Her emphasis is on remembering the magical non-verbal language of the body and dance and remaining a Spiritual Body Detective recovering and responding to the clues that are always present.

Aligning us with being natural in our expression. Moving from a ground of support and ease. Attentive to where we are in this moment able to respond embodied, moving, in touch with being whole and natural.


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