Origins of Movement

From conception to crawling

Big origins move2

"I'm an eternal sea of continual pulsing patterns,
and this is a bodying pattern.
From the beginning of my existence,
I am something and it's pulsing me bodying me.
And it is bodied."

Stanley Keleman

This group is a somatic experiential journey where we will be moving, dancing, visualising, exploring the early embryological and natural developmental movement patterns that began in the womb from conception and continued unfolding throughout crawling development. Playfulness assists integration and resourcing in this somatic approach to meditation. The nature of the enquiry is through a myriad of somatic approaches honouring the felt sense, the uniqueness of each individuals expression and remembering the wisdom and intelligence of your conscious body

Life and our perception of it is through movement. We grew and continue to grow through movement. The body is life in movement, cells and molecules, fluids endocrine and various body systems all dancing together. How we move in our life is directly affected by how we learnt to move. A natural movement development template began as early as conception and continued throughout the early forming years. It informed and continues to affect us today mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our psychosomatic behaviour, how we perceive this moment, regulation of our nervous system, our ability to respond, creativity, relationships and how we perceive and relate to the environment are all life moves.

Each movement pattern supports and is a basis for the next pattern as we grow. Due to the possibility of disruptions to these early forming movement patterns and them being incomplete, we may be moving affected by them today in an unconscious way. These developmental patterns require completion. Luckily we are able to repair and repattern. We will be playing and practicing with these natural movement developmental patterns in the group room and practicing new daily life moves .Our capability to find support, ability to bond, reach out and offer ourselves to life feeling OK the way we are and present in our body creates new neurological patterns and pathways in the body and brain. 

The group is respectfully self-directed in that you can absorb, experience; find your own timing and rhythm needed to integrate the material you will be playing with. The orientation of the group is creating a safe and contained space where you can re-establish taking care and find support as the body repatterns, finding ease and comfort in movement. Embody, trust and have the courage to follow the your way, natural intelligence and innocence of your moving body.

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