Global Heart Dance

Big soma yoga dance

The global heart is awakening,
beating out the rhythm of a new and mysterious dance,
calling us to a natural way of living.

Love to move and move to love.Dancing our hearts innate and compassionate nature and move from the inside out .. Many hearts dancing together create a global lovelife power.

Dancing with an open heart, a wonderful opportunity to engage with and resource yourself deep in the power of heart-perception.
Exploring and anchoring ourselves in the anatomical landscapes, gathering our remembering of the creation of the heart: from our turning through dimensions, the transparency of tissue and the community of organ support, we discover where today, with our breath, with our presence we can connect to the heart as centre.
Reclaiming the capacity for embracing our tenderness and strength,embodied resilience,ability to self-nurture and by anchoring our awareness in anatomy we can reach out into the community of our internal organs. Once this community is acknowledged we can explore the connections beyond self into the wider world.Discover the mysterious power of a dancing heart united with a community of dancing hearts.

Movement, anatomical explorations, dancing to integrate and finding stillness will shape a space to allow imagery and visualisation to reconnect, heal and nurture whatever our community is in need of. We stay connected to our heart space, we experience resilience, we expand the imaginative thinking heart.
You will be led by Navanita who draws on many years of experience. Delivering and exploring somatic terrain and meditation, she draws on and extracts the essence of embodiment tools. Experiential anatomy, somatic movement and touch, embryological and infant movement patterns , natural, creative and meditative dance, conscious playfulness, Sahaj (natural) yoga stretching and the healing power of emptiness informs the fields in which you will play. There will be opportunities for reclaiming your essential nature, to connect to self and engage in embodied communication with other. Her emphasis is on remembering the magical non-verbal language of the body. Allowing you to dance and remain a Spiritual Body Detective recovering and responding to the clues that are always present.

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