“Laughter has meditative power and medicinal powers. It certainly changes your very chemistry; it changes your brain waves, it changes your intelligence—you become more intelligent. The parts of your mind that have been asleep suddenly wake up. The laughter reaches to the innermost part of your brain, to your heart. A man of laughter cannot have a heart attack. A man of laughter cannot commit suicide. A man of laughter automatically comes to know the world of silence, because when laughter cease suddenly there is silence. And each time laughter becomes deeper it is followed by deeper silence.” 

An experiential fun body based,dance and somatic movement journey of finding ways of being safe and comfortable in our authenticity, innocence and playfulness.Our spontaneity and ability to trust our impulses enhances our aliveness.With an orientation on exploring and discovering supportive resources, this group is a chance to find yourself through play.

Dance,embodiment,resourcing ,somatic movement, touch and perception are modern holistic approaches proven to be effective as therapeutic, healing, self-regulation (stress management) and spiritual practices.

Being able to stay consciously connected to our own bodies gives us an orientation of where we are in this moment. From this place our ability to respond to ourselves, others and our environment moves with clarity.

Enjoying our creativity enhances our ability to respond and play with situations and at the same time remain alert and grounded in ourselves. The ability to respond, rather than react in habitual protective ways, keeps the possibility for life to remain fresh and available to this moment. We remain new and innocent to the moment, while being able to respect our limits and boundaries. Authenticity, playfulness and spontaneity support and create space and distance from personality identification. By being able not to take ourselves seriously helps us to play  with life rather than make it a struggle.

Self-regulation can be integrated through exploring our bodies natural need for a balance between action and integration and rest . Expression and restoration complement each other and enhance our unique ability to play with life. Playfulness is an integral foundation that brings us to the moment . It is meditation, it supports discharging tension,relaxes the nervous system ,supports healing ,integrating , authenticity ,relating to others and simply being ourselves. 

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